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News from Moscow
Hello, guys!!!
Anyone who remembers me from their trip to Moscow this summer!!!
It’s nice to be able to speak to you all at once :)
How are you all doing? I’m actually writing in search for some sympathy for I’ve just burned my finger :(. You know, it’s still holidays here in Russia for we’ve Christmas on the 7th, so we’re still celebrating!! Which is all as well but for my burning my fingers!! I’ve been playing with the candles and matches and it all ended up with swelling of the skin on one of my fingers. So right now I am sitting with this poor little finger thrust into a bowl with cold water, without the cold water it hurts :(
But oh, well, I’m sure it’ll get better, as long as the skin doesn’t come off. Ugh!!
Apart from this everything here in Russia is just fabulous! We’ve got great weather. I go skiing every day and absolutely enjoy the forest, fur-trees covered with snow and skiing down the hill!
This semester I’ve been taking classes in Moscow studying, meaning I can now work as a Moscow guide, showing the best places of this city. My roommate Tanya is so making fun of me. She says that only a crazy one would’ve taken pleasure in walking around Moscow on foot and in cold weather. But I do wholeheartedly enjoy it! Yesterday I actually took a bunch of friends on a tour called “Moscow and music” (places connected with famous composers, musicians, great concert halls, etc., etc.) Come and visit Moscow once again and I’ll be happy to take you on a tour as well!! Doesn’t sound very attractive? :) Well, my roommate says the same :) But you know, we could always break for some coffee or Glühwein which I’ve found really helping when it’s cold :)
Anyway, pls, show some sign of existence ‘cause I’ve lost all of your email addresses and it would’ve been great to keep in touch.
Good luck to everyone,
Ecrit par Anechka, à 21:44 dans la rubrique "Notizie - News".

Commentaires :

à 22:48

hi everybody! :)

right now I am in Lithuania staying with my family- as my roommate told you we've got holidays :) well, as for the half-page descriprion on Anechka's burnt funger- I also have some frightening stories to tell you :))) oh, my neighbour already knows what I am talking about :))) my appearance has been ruined for a few days :) it's not my fault :) now everything is ok and I look almost PERFECT ;) just give me a few more days ;) now I am waiting for my doctor to let me go to Moscow as our exams are waiting for Anechka amd me :) I won't write a lot about it here, although my roommate gave life to a wonderful branch in literature which can be called.. hm.. let me think... kind of "poor-me fiction"- created in order to make people sorry for the burnt/hurt/broken-hearted/wounded/in-any-other-way-poor person :)

as for the crazy excursions she likes- people who know us may notice that we are COMPLETELY different- so, I couldn't stand 4 hours walking down the streets, without a hat and gloves! that's exactly what she did once in a terrible cold we had in Moscow! :) "crazy will-be tourist guide" :) that's who you are, my dear :))))) but I recommend her excursions to EVERYONE as she is really a fan of all this stuff - she transformed one of our room walls to a God-knows-what using a pile of printed Moscow maps :))))) I won't mention that the rest of the walls are covered with MY maps :) as it is not what I am talking about now :) so, in case you need a Moscow-driven person feel free to contact my Moscow-centered, Moscow-oriented roommate Anechka :)))))))))

as for me, being unable to go our ANYWHERE having permanent problems with my appearance I started with cleaning everything around me which made my mother quite happy, but it didn't last long... then I woke up in the night as I have been sleeping half of the day and felt like bringing to order my writing-desc drowers... finally, last night I downloaded ALL Sex in the City series and devoted this day to... try to guess to what..  :)  now  I am writing a long-long  message here as I am not in a hurry to any place, exept for a few Sex in the City series left... :) so don't blame me for such a long message :) ok, I'm quitting :) 

see you all round here :)

à 18:51

in response to Tanya's commentary

Well, well, well,
you do like making fun of me, don't you? even now when we're so far apart and I can't throw a pillow at you you keep laughing at me writing some "reveal-it-all-about-Anya" stuff!!
Well, I could also find some outrageous stuff to say about you. How about your cats-mania to begin with? If you guys have ever seen a person so in love with cats that you think he loves cats more than people, believe me, this person's passion for cats is nothing compared to my roommate's craze and devotion to those animals!!
Since the first day when I started to live with Tanya her most passionate prayer before going to bed has been to her beloved Izolda (her cat who she leaves in Lithuania every time she goes to Moscow). And believe me, having lived with Tanya for 2 years already I've learned the biography of this noble creature so well that I can now publish it and get some huge some of money from other crazy cat-lovers and only an incredible lack of time prevents me from doing so :)
And how about your ... Well, I've thought, Tan', what do you think, isn't it a bit unappropriate to write all this stuff here, when we could've exercised our eloquence just writing it all in an email to each other? :)
But do consider publishing here some stories about your super-hyper cat, it may find lots of response :)

à 20:07

in response to Anya's commentary

My dear-dear Anechka and other people reading this!

I can't believe my meggage here made you, the most calm person I know, so furious :) brrrr :) you can throw a pillow virtually if you like :) as for the unappropriate things- I don't find anything unappropriate here... the problem is I can write you an e-mail and I do write you e-mails, but it's more fun writing to you here :) so that people who remember us may have an idea of how we are now and they can take part in discussing our affairs :)

I would also like to thank you for the idea of publishing here some of my cat-stories ;) I'll think of it :)

that impressed me- is that Pietro is in Moscow now and we have got a great number of kitchen things for him! we could throw it away or give it to some poor family- instead of keeping it all! well... I refuse to understand it :))))))))))

well, I continue watching Sex in the City today as it was impossible to see all the series yesterday... :)

à 05:18

About Sex in the City

Hope you're watching this in english, but it might be funny in russian too.

I should perhaps try to join Pietro, and suggest him to come with flowers or sweet things ? Please don't tell him how you came to know he was in Moscow...

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