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Avril 2006

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Lundi 24 Avril 2006
Italia : Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini backs limited condom use
--> Renewal (without wordplay) in the Catholic Church ?
Ecrit par Isa, à 18:20 dans la rubrique "Notizie - News".
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Samedi 08 Avril 2006
--> Seryj Kon'

Ieri sera, ho visto al cinema il film Serko, è una pellicola francese, ma si parla quasi soltanto in russo. Bellissimo !

Vi si dice l'epopea d'un Cosacco giovane e del suo cavallo Serko, attraversando la Russia dall'Amur a San Pietroburgo per riportare al Tsar l'omicidio di uno Evenk e dei loro cavalli. Jacques Gamblin è l'unico che parla francese nel film, ma come sempre, è molto gradevole, notevole. Si parla un po' del gusto francese di gradire smisuratamente tutto ciò che è russo, al punto da trasformare la storia in un mito.

Ma l'episodio del negoziato del bagno, vi farà sorridere, quello, non è affatto del mito!

Ecrit par Isa, à 18:11 dans la rubrique "Notizie - News".
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Samedi 25 Mars 2006
la laurea del sootoscritto
titul universitar pentru mine
Privet moi druzja, vosjem dni nazad ja polucil diplom..mojete predstavit' sebe moi radost...
s e b

Dot. Andrea

Dot. Andrea

Ecrit par MacAndrea, à 16:04 dans la rubrique "Notizie - News".
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Mercredi 08 Mars 2006
С празнизком восмого марта !
--> Viva la festa delle Donne !

Vive la fête des Femmes !!!

Я вас посдравляю с восмим марта ! 

Fröhlicher 8 März !

¡ Felice fiesta de las Mujeres !

Viva la festa delle Donne !

Честит осми март !

Lycklig 8 mars !

Happy 8 March !

Ecrit par Isabelle, à 01:04 dans la rubrique "Notizie - News".
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Vendredi 03 Février 2006
Cercansi Pietro
--> Wanted

C'è qualcuno che ha visto o sentito Pietro questi giorni ? Mi sembra che si è gelato da quache parte fuori di Mosca, a meno che sia ibernando nel fondo d'un letto. Potrebbe anche stare facendosi frullare nella баня moscovita, bevendo del квас. Fermati un po', che ti prendiamo, corre, corre sempre, questo ladro di galline ! Lo sappiamo bene come te le passi le giornate, a fare il pisolino nel tuo letto, e poi, nella serata ti svegli, per andare a qualche пиянка dove si trovano delle donne russe, bionde se non è troppo chiedere.

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Ecrit par Isabelle, à 22:17 dans la rubrique "Notizie - News".
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Mercredi 18 Janvier 2006
Big news...
Ecrit par Liam Walter, à 16:08 dans la rubrique "Notizie - News".
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Lundi 09 Janvier 2006
News from Moscow
Hello, guys!!!
Anyone who remembers me from their trip to Moscow this summer!!!
It’s nice to be able to speak to you all at once :)
How are you all doing? I’m actually writing in search for some sympathy for I’ve just burned my finger :(. You know, it’s still holidays here in Russia for we’ve Christmas on the 7th, so we’re still celebrating!! Which is all as well but for my burning my fingers!! I’ve been playing with the candles and matches and it all ended up with swelling of the skin on one of my fingers. So right now I am sitting with this poor little finger thrust into a bowl with cold water, without the cold water it hurts :(
But oh, well, I’m sure it’ll get better, as long as the skin doesn’t come off. Ugh!!
Apart from this everything here in Russia is just fabulous! We’ve got great weather. I go skiing every day and absolutely enjoy the forest, fur-trees covered with snow and skiing down the hill!
This semester I’ve been taking classes in Moscow studying, meaning I can now work as a Moscow guide, showing the best places of this city. My roommate Tanya is so making fun of me. She says that only a crazy one would’ve taken pleasure in walking around Moscow on foot and in cold weather. But I do wholeheartedly enjoy it! Yesterday I actually took a bunch of friends on a tour called “Moscow and music” (places connected with famous composers, musicians, great concert halls, etc., etc.) Come and visit Moscow once again and I’ll be happy to take you on a tour as well!! Doesn’t sound very attractive? :) Well, my roommate says the same :) But you know, we could always break for some coffee or Glühwein which I’ve found really helping when it’s cold :)
Anyway, pls, show some sign of existence ‘cause I’ve lost all of your email addresses and it would’ve been great to keep in touch.
Good luck to everyone,
Ecrit par Anechka, à 21:44 dans la rubrique "Notizie - News".
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Samedi 07 Janvier 2006
Oggi è Natale per i Russi
--> Aujourd'hui c'est Noël pour les Russes

Heute ist es Weihnachten für die Russen, dann fröhliches Weihnachten !

C Pождеством !

Ecrit par Isabelle, à 21:47 dans la rubrique "Notizie - News".
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Ecrit par Isabelle, à 20:57 dans la rubrique "Notizie - News".
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Dimanche 25 Décembre 2005
Buon Natale !
--> Joyeux Noël !
Fröhliche Weihnachten !

Merry Christmas !

Feliz Navidad !

Vrolijk Kerstfeest !

C Pождеством !

God Jul !

Noeliniz Kutlu Olsun !

Bесела Kоледа !

Gioioso Natale !

Joyeux Noël !

 Arahabaina Tratry ny Krismasy !
Ecrit par Isabelle, à 05:32 dans la rubrique "Notizie - News".
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Lundi 12 Décembre 2005
Previous messages

Dear all,
the Moscow project is over finally. Even the last brave MGU pupils have left Russia (Doris, Francesca and Utku). I wish you all the best and let's keep in touch. If we met in Moscow there should be a reason... Nicolò

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Ecrit par MGU2005, à 05:37 dans la rubrique "Notizie - News".
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