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Dear all,
the Moscow project is over finally. Even the last brave MGU pupils have left Russia (Doris, Francesca and Utku). I wish you all the best and let's keep in touch. If we met in Moscow there should be a reason... Nicolò


by Nicolò

4 Sep 2005  Welcome! Webmaster

4 Sep 2005  Moscow Back from Moscow Webmaster

Reactions :
   5 Sep 2005 09:13 hours Some of you can add in the mailing list the addresses of the missing persons??? For example I cannot find the one of andrea... ciao everyone  nicolò

   6 Sep 2005 16:56 hours Well done hakan for putting these pics :) made me have a really good laugh in a very silent and serious university room :) put some more, i've to wait the weekend, then i'll throw in here bunches of pics... :) Francesca

   6 Sep 2005 17:27 hours I'll add somemore today, don't worry Hakan

   6 Sep 2005 18:40 hour sops....i think it's me not reading carefully...damn literature :) Fran

   6 Sep 2005 22:37 hours Forget it...i'm studying too much...not like SOMEONE else who's passing whole days at the beach :P Fran

   17 Sep 2005 16:12 hours fanculo a tutti andrea

   17 Sep 2005 16:14 hours anyway greetings from praga andrea

   17 Sep 2005 21:42 hours We haven't all left! Ali and I are still here and it's starting to get cold... Jennie

   19 Sep 2005 09:26 hours Great idea Francesca!Greetings from Cracow! Izabela

   19 Sep 2005 10:25 hours Izabela, I miss you... anonymous lover

   19 Sep 2005 15:38 hours I miss you all... so, who is anonymous lover?;-) Izabela

   20 Sep 2005 11:37 hours Some useful addresses for anonymous lovers !

   21 Sep 2005 07:23 hours Hello guys, Nice website, we all miss you in Moscow. Let's meet newxt year. How are you Andrea andrea d'andrea???? :-)))

   21 Sep 2005 11:01 hours not my idea. nicol˜ found the's everything going? i miss you all... isa, i do not have your mail, write to me when you have time... fran

   21 Sep 2005 18:22 hours andrea andré andrew d'andrea is fine, eating sausages and drinking Czeck beer. Lucky sod! ;) Hi Nicolas, nice to hear from you! How is moscow now? Cold and rainy? I miss Evgenja, our teacher... nic

   21 Sep 2005 18:40 hour sif you don't like Bush and company listen the last rolling stones' album: a bigger bang!the song is : SWEET NEO-CON! the title is clear... andrea

   23 Sep 2005 10:52 hours Gosh it's got busy here since I last checked, I hope everyone is fine Hakan

   26 Sep 2005 19:04 hours Hey Guys. I've just discovered this message flow :) My school started today. I am already bored here. And I think Hakan doesn't want to see me : ( :p I missed you all very very much. I wish we were all still in Moscow. Hope talk to all of you soon. Utku

   6 Oct 2005 15:07 hours pietro, mais depuis quand tu es rentre sur moscou?? isabelle

   7 Oct 2005 01:22 hours Nicolò !!! Stop cheating ! I haven't written the message above, I wouldn't have written it without accents ! Besides, had I wanted to know where Pietro was, I had written to him, what I did indeed, and precisely, I received news from him yesterday. Thank you, but I do not need any intermediary to talk to Pietro. Isa

   7 Oct 2005 10:18 hours Were there camels in moscow??? I didn't see any of them. I just saw some flying donkey (but maybe I was drunk) and a jovenka... ;)) nic

   7 Oct 2005 16:34 hours Just wanted to say hi :) I hope everyone is doing well & having fun back at home. Leana

   9 Oct 2005 22:09 hours what's up everybody? nic, where are you? fran

   11 Oct 2005 18:42 hours Hi Francesca ! The answer, if you don't have it yet is : In Brussels, with a harem of very pretty italian girls. Isa

   12 Oct 2005 11:55 hours harem?nicolò in harem? o ppane a chi non'a i riendi!!!! andrea

   12 Oct 2005 12:24 hours c'e' qualcuno qui, casualmente un napoletano.., che vuole essere picchiato!! I am fine Francesca, sorry for the silence. I am in Brussels enjoying the sun and the gauffres... You?? nic

   12 Oct 2005 17:13 hours nic, tutto bene, in ferie per un mese, e da oggi, con un anno in +...ora abbiamo meno differenza di età ;) fran

   13 Oct 2005 00:13 hours Prego ? Cosa ha detto Andrea? Ma non è giusto, non capisco io, niente al napoletano! Isa

   13 Oct 2005 00:28 hours Spiacente, avevo dimenticato di dire te "Felice compleanno" Francesca ! Isa

   13 Oct 2005 11:44 hours merci isa :) fran

   19 Oct 2005 14:06 hours hey guys out there...finally I found my way to this forum! how're you doing? It's getting quite freezing here in austria...that's why I'd love to have one more vodka with you at "Ploschid obscheschitzje" know - work hard = party hard :-) JOVENKA

   20 Oct 2005 00:00 hours Doris!!! what's up? how are you? it's cold (and foggy) in venice....feel like i need some vodka, but i think it'd be quite cold in ploshad obshejitsie :) i lost your mail.... fran

   20 Oct 2005 11:04 hours hey frani!that's cool - I lost yours too :-)...I just remember it was something with fly... ok,here's mine: Jovenka

   20 Oct 2005 16:27 hours ciao giovenca! andrea

   20 Oct 2005 23:42 hoursPrivet Andrea ! Ty menja ne chital ? Ja zhdaju tvoj otvet ! Chto ty delaesh'? Isa

   21 Oct 2005 09:25 hours ok...didn't know,that you write it this way...:-) do you also have such a hangover like me??? GIOvenka

   26 Oct 2005 15:30 hours I am considering to go to moscow for the christmas holidays. Who will be there? Who wants to join?? ;)) It will be amazing! Moscow under the snow... nic

   26 Oct 2005 22:08 hours Hello every body ! Unfortunately I won't be able to go to Moscow this winter. I'm sure I'll miss something important ! Isa

   4 Nov 2005 16:54 hours London blows a blustery kiss in the direction of all absent friends. I hope everyone is getting on alright James

   4 Nov 2005 17:05 hours London blows a blustery kiss in the direction of all absent friends. I hope everyone is getting on alright James

   10 Nov 2005 16:39 hours utku are you still alive? andrea

   10 Nov 2005 16:40 hours giovenca!i've been waitig for your photos! andrea

   10 Nov 2005 16:41 hours NIcolò('uappo 'e cartone) wanted dead or alive! andrea

   2 Dec 2005 02:26 hours Dear Ali and Pietro, tell me how is your room ! Are you cooking together ? A mix yiddish-italian food ?... Isa
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Rencontre sérieuse

Agence matrimoniale Eurochallenges - Rencontre avec femmes russes : Mariage avec la femme russe de votre vie !

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Re: Rencontre sérieuse

Tout à fait,
Je reconnais deux agences :
agence rencontre russe

rencontre femmes ukrainiennes

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