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How can I publish some photos??

Ecrit par Nicozzy, à 18:02 dans la rubrique "Foto".

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à 04:06

How to publish photos

I apologize, this is not very easy.

First, you need to upload your photos. I mean you need to save them on the web site. To that purpose, click on "Menu administrateur", then on "images",  then on "ajouter une image", then on "parcourir", to find the photo on your computer. At last, do not forget to click on "valider".

Second, you need to create a document, it should be easier to use Word. Open a new file, place your photos as you like (using tables would be the best), and then save it as HTML file. Close Word and open your file with Wordpad (Bloc-Notes in Belgium) or Internet Explorer (if IE, click on "display" or "affichage", and then on "source"), then find in your text all the lines including "src=", like the one following.

<p class=MsoNormal><img width=400 height=300 src="test_fichiers/image003.jpg"></p>

Go back to "Menu administrateur", then to "images", with the right button, click on the image file you have just uploaded, and copy the shortcut "copier le raccourci", then paste it into the quote marks like following.

<p class=MsoNormal><img width=400 height=300 src=""></p>

Then, save it and copy all the source code ("select all" and "copy" or "sélectionner tout" and "copier"). Open the text editor of MGU2005 by clicking on "écrire un article", then click on "<>" to open the HTML editor. Paste all the source code, then click again on "<>", you will see your document as it will appear on line. You can now add text and publish it.

You may find this too complicated, then do not hesitate to send me the document (.doc or .rtf) or the images you want to publish, I shall publish it/ them as soon as possible.

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